The Enchanted Forest: Contributing to This Issue


Name: Jacqueline Brum

Hobbies: Drawing, sewing, collecting and customizing toys such as My Little Pony.

Dolls I Love: BJDs and Monster High.

Websites: Tumblr


Name: Nicole Fallon (fairygirl, yousei)

Hobbies: Sewing, jewelry making, collage art.

Dolls I Love: BJDs, Dal, and porcelain dolls.

Websites: BJD Gear


Name: Rosey Kaes

Hobbies: Sewing, embroidery, art, and photography.

Dolls I Love: Volks and Unoas.

Websites: Sushi Candy, Etsy


Name: Margot J. of Pidpenky

Hobbies: Textile art, stuffed toy making, and illustration.

Dolls I Love: Blythe and Pullip.

Websites: Etsy


Name: Marta (astrosnik)

Hobbies: Sewing.

Dolls I Love: BJD and Blythe.


Name: Chantelle Schriver (Elzaim, Nurlindae)

Hobbies: Sewing doll costumes, painting, drawing, and creating wire-wrapped jewelry.

Dolls I Love: Limhwa, Dollzone, everything Soom!

Websites: Down To The Wire, Etsy


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