Geisha Face-up Tutorial

By Melissa Klamas

BEFORE you begin your foray into painting a beautiful geisha, here’s a few tips:

Black and red are really messy colours. Be especially careful about cleaning up stray pastel dust before you spray your MSC coats. This is especially important because you’re going to be using a lot of these colours on a white face, and any stray smudges or speckles will show up really easily. Clean up the stray bits with a kneadable eraser, or a piece of Magic Eraser

Take your time. Don’t rush. This will take many layers and patience. Remember to let the head fully dry before spraying MSC (water or wet paint + MSC do not mix and will result in a white flakey surface that chips away and just doesn’t look good). Also allow enough time for MSC to fully dry before going to the next step. Remember areas like inside the lips, ears and other deep spaces will take longer to dry.

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