Contributing To This Issue

Name: Nicole Fallon
Speciality: Kimonos and Doll Fashions
www: BJD Gear

Name: Meg Graham
Speciality: Paper Dolls
www: deviantArt, Etsy

Name: Kathy Huang
Speciality: Wa-Loli Kimonos
www: Keely’s Cute Kimonos

Name: Atelier Kanawa
Speciality: Kanzashi Hair Ornaments
www: Atelier Kanawa

Name: Melissa Klamas
Speciality: Geisha Face-up
www: Can-Tan Studios

Name: Stacy’s Pink Ocean
Speciality: Chinese Doll Clothing
www: Available at Den of Angels, Alice’s Collections, and Tao Bao

Name: Helen Thiselton
Speciality: Japanese Traditional Dolls
www: Flickr

Name: Worms and Bones
Speciality: Dragons and Other Creatures
www: deviantArt and Worms and Bones

Name: Kim Zentner
Speciality: BJD Shoes by KZ Shoes
www: Flickr
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