Chinese Traditional Costume

THIS IS an extract of an interview with Stacy’s Pink Ocean, a specialized Ball Jointed Doll shop with tailor-made doll clothing.

DW: Please tell us a little about your company.

SPO: Stacy’s Pink Ocean, founded in 2007, is a specialized BJD shop with tailor-made, Chinese traditional doll clothing. The shop was created by a Chinese woman who loves BJDs. The main style of the clothing is Chinese traditional style, but also includes other kinds of clothes with Chinese elements, night dress, and fashion clothing. As I am a person with various hobbies, the styles of the doll clothing are also many and differ in thousands of ways, which I hope to continue in the future.

All the clothing in the shop is handmade by professional tailors who make clothes for adults, so the quality of the product is quite high. As long as a customer can provide the measurements the store requests, it is possible to make suitable clothes for any doll. Of course, because I am mainly a doll enthusiast who runs the store as a hobby, sometimes I cannot capture the beauty of the clothing in photography. The customers usually report that the clothes look even better in person than the pictures on the website. In the future, I hope to improve these things. At present, plans are in the works for the company to open its own online store.

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