Asian Traditions now available

Asian Traditions - The Second Issue of DollyWish Magazine. © Kathy Huang.

THE second issue of DollyWish magazine is now available to purchase from MagCloud. Our theme for this issue is a rich one – Asian Traditions. Not only do the various cultures of Asia have a unique and beautiful aesthetic, often so different from Western style and design, but they also have a long tradition of doll culture, particularly in Japan.

In fact, many of the dolls so many of us collect – ball-jointed dolls, Pullip and Blythe, (although Blythe was originally created in the US), Momoko, and others – are made in Asian countries, like South Korea, Japan, and China.

In this issue you’ll find a wealth of doll photos and articles inspired by Asian Traditions: beautiful kimonos, a little boy with his amazing Chinese dragon friend, a glimpse into the fascinating world of Japanese traditional ningyou, and, of course, several Asian-themed tutorials to help you learn a few new techniques.

We hope you like browsing through these pages as much as we enjoyed putting them all together.

Nicole (editor)

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi. © Kuniko Kanawa.

HAVE you ever marvelled at the beauty of a geisha’s hair ornaments? Read the feature interview with Master kanzashi maker, Kuniko Kanawa of Atelier Kanawa. She shares how she trained in this meticulous craft and how kanzashi are being used in the modern day. She even made us a doll-sized hair ornament! Coming in the next issue of DollyWish magazine, October, 2012.

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A Boy and His Dragon

A Boy and His Dragon. © Worms and Bones.

ALL dolls need some animal friends, but not all are as lucky as this little BJD – his best friend is a Golden Dragon! This article features an Eastern dragon by the talented creature-makers, Worms and Bones, of Deviantart. We promise, he’s friendly!

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The World of Japanese Traditional Dolls

The World of Japanese Traditional Dolls. © Helen Thiselton.

Enter the world of Japanese traditional dolls, an art form that goes back centuries. Helen Thiselton, avid collector of ningyou, shares some of the highlights of her collection in the forthcoming issue of DollyWish magazine, coming in October.

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Second issue coming soon!

Issue two sneak peek. © Kathy Huang.

DollyWish is excited to announce that our second issue, Asian Traditions, will be coming out soon. Join us for articles and gorgeous photos all on the theme of the diversely beautiful fashions of Asia, including kimonos, geisha, Japanese traditional dolls, the modern interpretation of Japanese dress known as Wa-Loli, and more.

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